Children are naturally curious and teaching them science gives the children the opportunity to satisfy this curiosity and see how the world works and how it is constructed. At Goodwyn Science is taught in a fun and practical way, with lots of hands-on activities that promote high levels of pupil engagement.

ScienceThe use of the correct scientific vocabulary is very important and questioning the world around them is encouraged. If children are allowed to experience things first hand they have a greater chance of remembering them and being able to relate them to other areas.

Children in the foundation stage learn about the world around them through the Knowledge and Understanding of the World area of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, based on themselves and the things they can see and experience.

As the children move into Key Stage One they begin to experiment with ideas and concepts that are not so obvious and require more abstract thought. In Key Stage Two the children carry out more detailed experiments and investigations, relating to more complex theories and concepts.

In Key Stage One and Two the teaching of Science is integrated into Topic themes, through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The IPC explores how the world works and why things are as they are. It is a skilled based curriculum and the Science topic work focuses on the development of scientific investigation skills: formulating hypothesis, designing fair tests and recording data and evaluating findings.

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