At Goodwyn School we aim to reach a high standard in literacy. We help our children to develop into fluent and avid readers, imaginative and skilled writers, as well as confident and competent speakers and listeners. To fulfil this aim we provide a challenging, stimulating and up to date curriculum that caters for the learning needs of all children.

LiteracyThroughout the year we plan exciting events for all years to help make learning in literacy fun and challenging, such as World Book Day, theatre visits, topic weeks, national letter writing and poetry competitions as well as annual concerts. Goodwyn children have won a number of literacy related competitions.

Foundation Stage

The curriculum for the Foundation Stage is guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. The curriculum in nursery and reception provides indoor and outdoor activities to enhance the children's creativity.

In Nursery the emphasis is on ‘learning through play’. Children engage in role play -becoming characters from stories as well as retelling stories; they participate in listening walks, rhyming games and word matching games and many more activities that support communication, language and literacy development.

At this Early Years level the children have an informal daily literacy session. They begin to discriminate sounds within both the environment and spoken word and learn how to form their letters. By the end of reception the children are using the phonetic code to read and write simple stories and texts independently.

Key Stage One

In Key Stage One there are five literacy sessions a week that explore elements of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The children begin to focus on different genres and popular authors through a variety of fiction and non-fictional texts found in big books, computer web sites, newspapers, poetry books and many more. Two sessions per week include comprehension skills and creative writing.

During the week the children also develop their knowledge of the phonetic code and take part in guided group reading sessions. Speaking and listening activities are linked across the curriculum. The children enjoy ‘show and tell’ opportunities as well as group and class discussions. They participate in drama productions and also begin to develop performance poetry by reading in assembly.

Key Stage Two

In Key Stage Two texts and novels become more varied and challenging. The children begin to focus on how writers adopt different styles to engage and captivate the reader. Grammar and punctuation are taught in more depth than in Key Stage One and the children are given a chance to practise these skills during a weekly extended writing session.

The children are encouraged to develop speaking and listening skills for a range of purposes. These include class and assembly presentations, classroom debates, interviews, and drama productions, They are encouraged to speak using good diction and an extended vocabulary. In Key Stage Two the children are introduced to fountain pens and taught how to use them to help them take pride in the presentation of written work.

Literacy is extended into other curriculum areas through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and skills are applied in a variety of different contexts in Humanities, Science, RE and PSHE lessons.

By the end of Key Stage Two children have taken part in a range of performances, reading and presenting opportunities, outings and visits from experts. They have produced some wonderful creative work in Literacy which is to a high standard. We are very proud of the progress our children make through their time at Goodwyn.

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